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On Monday, January 2, a professional football player suffered a syncopal event a few seconds after arising from what appeared to be a routine tackle. Emergency physicians on duty for the game rushed to his side. Within seconds, chest compressions began and a very short time later an AED successfully defibrillated the young man who was suffering cardiac arrest. He then experienced return of spontaneous circulation (ROSC) and was moved to the ground ambulance. His resuscitation then continued and included a prehospital intubation, ED care at University of Cincinnati Medical Center, and post-resuscitation care there by an emergency physician. As you know, Damar Hamlin is alive and well. 

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Modules Back Online
The MyEMCert platform is back online after a brief downtime to update existing modules, add Key Advances, launch a new Resuscitation module for MyEMCert, and two MyEMSCert modules. Register for and take a module and tell us what you think!  
New! Resuscitation Module
A new module that focuses on resuscitation is now available on the MyEMCert platform. Although resuscitation content is distributed in several MyEMCert modules, it is not emphasized in any single module—until now. Resuscitation knowledge and skills set emergency physicians apart from other emergency providers. This module updates and highlights the diverse and complex skills needed to resuscitate patients of all ages. Taking the module will allow you to learn and demonstrate the current standards of resuscitation, a vital part of any emergency physician’s practice. Even better, there is no additional cost to take the module unless you wish to take advantage of the optional CME activity. The Resuscitation module will not count as one of the modules you need to complete to meet your continuing certification requirements. Take the Resuscitation module and tell us what you think!
You asked. We heard. Study points available for all MyEMCert and MyEMSCert modules!
Study points have been a popular resource for physicians to prepare and take MyEMCert modules. ABEM is excited to now offer study points for all modules, including Resuscitation, and the new MyEMSCert modules.

MyEMCert resources
MyEMSCert Launches!
MyEMSCert is a new way for EMS-certified physicians to stay certified. Two EMS modules are now available:
  • Cardiac Arrest and Shock
  • Pulmonary Emergencies
Modules consist of up to 50 multiple choice questions and have the following sections:
  • 60% Clinical Knowledge Review
  • 20% Systems Regulation and Review*
  • 20% Knowledge Advancements
    (based on a reading list)*
* Questions on systems regulation and review and knowledge advancements will not necessarily share the same topic as the module.

Modules are open book, but you must take them by yourself. Answers with rationales will be provided immediately. Study points are available for each module.
For those with EMS certifications that expire in 2023, we advise you to take your MyEMSCert modules as soon as they become available. ABEM will be making a new version of EMS modules available every three months. If you do not pass a module, you will have to wait until a new version is available before you can retake it.
Annual Fee
The next time your certificate renews, you will transition to an annual fee requirement. The annual fee payment:
  • is not an additional fee
  • replaces all previous continuing certification costs
  • provides you access to MyEMCert modules; you will not have to pay for individual modules once you move to the annual fee
  • may be paid annually or in one lump sum
  • avoids any interruption to certification

ABEM implemented the annual fee in response, in part, to physicians’ concerns about paying episodic, higher fees tied to a high-stakes examination. All ABMS specialty boards had already moved to a similar process. Just as not paying for your medical license or organizational memberships can lead to an interruption in licensure or membership, delaying payment of the fee annually may cause an interruption in your certification status.

Changes to Oral Exam Case Types in 2023
The Oral Certification Exam will now include five single patient cases and two structured interview cases. The structured interview was introduced in 2020 and is designed to assess a candidate's thought processes and approach to working up a patient in the emergency department.

NEW Structured Interview Exam Video!
Learn more about the structured interview
New! Video Highlights How Exams are Developed
The video explains the process of how ABEM multiple choice question and Oral Exam cases are developed and administered. ABEM is proud to emphasize the key role ABEM volunteers play in this process to ensure fair, reliable, and unbiased exams.

Thank you, volunteers!
Digital Badges and Certificates Launching!
ABEM has begun to issue digital credentials as an additional way for physicians to share and promote their certification. Digital badges allow you to stand out as an ABEM-certified physician and give you publicly accessible, easily verifiable credibility.

Welcome Newly Certified Physicians!
Congratulations to the over 2,300 physicians who became ABEM certified in 2022! Your certification indicates your dedication to the specialty. ABEM certification also provides value in the forms of enhanced professional pride, increased pay, and additional job opportunities.
HALM Update
Health Administration, Leadership, and Management recently reached another milestone to being approved as a subspecialty. It will go to the ABMS Board of Directors in early March for final approval. Learn more
Improvement in Medical Practice
What is the IMP requirement and how do you complete it?
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Recent Statements Issued by ABEM
Statement about Protecting Certification
Recent state legislative actions and federal court rulings have left some physicians unsure about whether state medical boards might take action against them for practicing evidence-based care. ABEM has a policy about the effect of disciplinary actions on a medical license. However, we affirm that ABEM will favorably consider the circumstances of those who practice evidence-based care in the best interests of patients and their families in the event of an adverse action taken by a state medical board resulting from a state law not anchored in that care.
Take the Survey - We Need Your Input!
How do your state CME requirements affect you? The Coalition of Board-Certified Emergency Physicians (COBCEP) has put out a brief survey to emergency physcians to learn more about this topic. Keep an eye out for it and make your voice heard!
New Member of the Board of Directors
Lynne Holden, M.D., has been elected to the ABEM Board of Directors. She is a professor in the Department of Emergency Medicine and Senior Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, New York. When Dr. Holden obtained full professorship in Emergency Medicine in 2018, she was just the fifth African American woman in the U.S. to achieve that position. She teaches and practices clinically at the Montefiore Hospital System-Moses Division. She has served as an ABEM oral examiner since 2003 and a senior oral examiner since 2013. She began her term in January 2023.
Medical Student Applications Being Accepted for 2023 Haley Academy
ABEM created the Dr. Leon L. Haley, Jr., Bridge to the Future of Emergency Medicine Academy to honor the legacy of Dr. Haley. This program is specifically designed to provide Underrepresented in Medicine (URiM) rising second-year medical students the opportunity to participate in an in-person, all-expenses-paid, two-week mentorship program at the ABEM headquarters in East Lansing, Michigan in June of each year. The 2023 class will meet June 5-16, 2023. Please feel free to widely distribute this information to your colleagues and any interested medical students. Applications, including a current resume or CV and a Dean’s letter must be submitted by February 24, 2023.

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ACEP Now Interviews ABEM President
ABEM President Samuel M. Keim, M.D., M.S., was interviewed for the January issue of ACEP Now. In the interview, he discusses his “day job,” MyEMCert and MyEMSCert, and the value of certification.
Call for Nominations: AEMUS Exam Committee
ABEM’s Advanced Emergency Medicine Ultrasonography (AEMUS) Exam Committee is seeking two physician members to fill upcoming vacancies on the Committee. Physicians filling these positions will begin their terms January 1, 2024. The nominations period will close February 13, 2023. Learn more, and apply.
EMS Subboard Meets
Thank You Volunteers!

ABEM thanks all of its volunteers for providing their time to ABEM activities. The activities and work of ABEM depends on the important role ABEM volunteers play. Over 700 volunteers recently participated as members of:
  • Board of Directors
  • Oral Examiners
  • Exam question writers and Editors
  • Subspecialty Subboards Exam Committee members
  • Focused Practice Designation Exam Committee members
  • Stakeholder Advisory Group members
  • Resident Ambassador panelists
  • Standard-setting panelists
  • Stimulus Collection Review Panel members
  • Bias and Fairness panelists
  • LLSA CME Reading panelists

Thank you thank you thank you for your service to ABEM and the specialty of Emergency Medicine!
Take the leap, volunteer with us!
The critical work we do depends on volunteers. Your dedication to ensuring the highest standards in Emergency Medicine is the reason our specialty continues to grow. ABEM encourages all EM-certified physicians to apply, including those in community practice and other settings.

Right now, we are looking to add new Oral Examiners to our volunteer pool and need your help. Nominate your colleagues who would make outstanding Oral Examiners. ABEM is looking for physicians in all practice settings, including community practice.

Nominations are considered on a quarterly basis by the ABEM Board of Directors.

Video: Why Examiners Volunteer


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