Certification: Good for You, Great for Your Patients

Your certification matters a great deal. It matters to patients receiving care in this country. It matters to other stakeholders in medicine such as employers, insurers, and hospitals. From a recent market research study, EM employers stated that, “Universally, being board certified or board eligible in emergency medicine is the driving factor in hiring decisions.” And it matters to your patients. A recent Harris Poll* found that over three quarters of Americans (76%) think it’s very important that an emergency physician be board certified.

Board certification is important to you as well. It signifies that you have met the training and examination standards set by ABEM, and that you participate in continuing certification. ABEM feels that these accomplishments should be more widely recognized, so we are working hard to promote the value of your board certification. A pilot campaign was conducted in three markets (urban, suburban, and rural) that included billboards and other environmental ads, a digital campaign, and pre- and post-campaign surveys. Among the findings were:
  • Health systems expressed value in hiring board-certified emergency physicians and confirmed that health systems highly value hiring ABEM-certified physicians for the emergency department.
  • The campaign’s cobranded advertising between ABEM and local hospitals/health systems strengthened relationships with ABEM.
  • Emergency Medicine professionals, physicians, hospital leaders, and other certifying boards expressed interest in this ABEM-sponsored effort.

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Resuscitation Module
Take the tell us what you think!
ABEM Developing Opportunities to Meet New DEA Substance and Opioid Use Disorder CME Requirements
Two new MyEMCert modules covering Substance Use Disorders (SUD) and Opioid Use Disorders (OUD) will launch this summer. The modules will be offered as an added benefit to ABEM-certified physicians; ABEM is hoping to collaborate with AAEM and ACEP to provide credits that will assist physicians in meeting the new DEA requirements for CME on SUD/OUD.

Additionally, taking the current Social and Behavioral Health MyEMCert module can earn 2 CME credits toward your DEA requirement immediately. These 2 credits are available now if you took the module and opted for CME credits.   

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What Are My Continuing Certification Requirements
For Emergency Medicine, if you have a 5-year certification you will need to:
Pass 4 MyEMCert Modules
Attest to 1 Improvement in Medical Practice activity
Stay in compliance with ABEM’s Policy on Medical Licensure and Code of Professionalism
✓ Pay the annual fee (yearly or in a lump sum the first year)
Upon meeting all continuing certification requirements, a physician's certificate will renew on the day following their current certification expiration date.
Physicians on a 10-year certification cycle still have requirements due every 5 years. To verify your requirements use the ABEM Reqs tool.

All ABEM-certified physicians will transition to a 5-year certification cycle. If you currently hold a 10-year certification, you will transition after your current certificate expires. Physicians will also transition to an annual fee when starting a 5-year certification cycle. This fee is not an additional fee, but instead replaces former individual activity fees, allows access to ongoing activities, and keeps the credential active. This fee is due annually, but there is an option to pay for all 5 years upfront.

How do I check my requirements?
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ABEM Promotes the Value You Bring to Your Patients and Communities
ABEM feels that your board certification and accomplishments should be more widely recognized, so we are working hard to promote you! ABEM has launched an ongoing campaign to promote the value of your board certification and expertise so that the public and health systems understand why it is important for physicians to be ABEM certified. Learn more
Oral Exam Updates

The Oral Certification Exam will include:
  • 5 single patient cases
  • 2 structured interview cases

- Learn more about the structured interview
Coming Soon: MyToxCert!
Beginning in 2024, MyToxCert will be a new way for Medical Toxicologycertified physicians to stay certified. MyToxCert will be very similar to MyEMCert and physicians certified in both Medical Toxicology (MedTox) and EM will have the option of using one MyEMCert module toward MyToxCert requirements*.
Elements of the new continuing certification process include:

MyToxCert modules
Compliance with ABEM Policy on Medical Licensure and Code of Professionalism
Attest to completing one Improvement in Medical Practice activity**
Switch from 10-year to 5-year certification
Annual fee (replaces activity fees)

*  Must be Abnormal Vital Signs and Shock or Social and Behavioral Health
** Can count toward both EM and MedTox certifications

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MyToxCert Module Content
MyToxCert FAQs
5-year Certification Cycle and Annual Fee for MyToxCert FAQs
HALM Approved
A new subspecialty certification in Health Care Administration, Leadership, and Administration was approved by the American Board of Medical Specialties for all specialties.
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Physicians Recognized for 30 Years of Certification
This landmark accomplishment reflects a dedication to the specialty of Emergency Medicine, and a commitment to continuous professional development and quality care to all patients. Congratulations to the nearly 700 physicians who achieved this extraordinary milestone!

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Full list of recipients
What Goes Into an ABEM Exam?
Did you know ABEM has over 500 clinically active physician volunteers? Their involvement in each exam process ensures fair, reliable, and unbiased exams.

Thank you, volunteers!
Thinking about Becoming an ABEM Volunteer?
Now is the Time!

Item Writer Opportunites
ABEM is looking to add new Item Writers to our volunteer pool to fill a limited number of vacancies. Item writers play a crucial role in developing ABEM test questions. Nominate yourself or your colleagues! Item Writer nominations received by June 4, 2023, will be reviewed by the Board at its meeting in July 2023. Physicians selected to fill these positions will begin their terms in July 2024. Learn more about the item writer role, qualifications, and time commitment.

ABEM is looking for physicians in all practice settings, including community practice. By volunteering with ABEM, you will be giving back to the specialty and assisting ABEM to uphold its mission of ensuring the highest standards in Emergency Medicine.

New Members of the Board of Directors
The ABEM Board of elected two new members: Barry J. Knapp, M.D., and John P. Marshall, M.D., M.B.A. Dr. Knapp is Professor and Chair of the Department of Emergency Medicine (EM) at Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS) in Norfolk, Virginia. Dr. Marshall is Chair of the Department of Emergency Medicine and Vice President of Medical Affairs at Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York.  Learn more

Representatives of the American Academy of Emergency Physicians/Resident and Student Association visited ABEM and provided ABEM leadership with an update of the groups’ activities. ABEM provided a summary of its activities as well as a brief history of the specialty.
Resident Ambassador Panel Visits ABEM
Current members of the ABEM Resident Ambassador Panel had the opportunity to visit ABEM headquarters and brief leadership about their activities so far.
AEMUS Exam Committee Meets

The Advanced Emergency Medicine Ultrasonography Exam Committee met virtually March 8-9 and affirmed AEMUS Examination Blueprint, adopted new stimulus quality guidelines, and discussed innovative item development. The meeting was led by John L. Kendall, M.D., Director and Chair of the Exam Committee.
Stakeholder Advisory Group Meets
ABMS Visiting Scholar Program
Applications are due June 18, 2023.
The American Board of Medical Specialties is now accepting applications for its 2023-2024 Visiting Scholars Program, a one-year, part-time program that facilitates the development of early-career physicians and researchers. Please share this opportunity!

Learn more about the program

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