Rewarding Opportunity
Do you have a passion for Emergency Medicine and a desire to give back to your specialty? ABEM offers several volunteer opportunities to participate in exam development and exam administration activities. Many ABEM volunteers have found that committing to ABEM exam activities allows them to build and maintain comradery. These activities promote personal and professional growth. When volunteers engage in activities about which they are passionate, they are more likely to stay committed to practicing within the specialty, not to mention the personal fulfillment and joy that volunteering brings.

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If you're interested in more volunteer opportunities, please view the options here.
The Work You Do Matters
We believe your board certification and accomplishments should be more widely recognized, so we are working hard to promote you!

ABEM swag is now available for free through our online storefront (just pay shipping). Digital promotional materials for you and your health systems are also available to download for free. Learn more
New Certifying Exam to Launch in 2026
ABEM is proud to announce the development of a new Certifying Exam for physicians seeking initial certification. Informed by feedback and a rigorous review process, the new exam will launch in 2026. The Certifying Exam will test additional competencies that are not tested on the Qualifying Exam or current Oral Exam, such as procedural skills, troubleshooting, and high-stakes communications. It will be comprised of two case types: Clinical care cases and objective structured clinical examination (OSCE) cases.

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New Key Advance Video: Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy
Each MyEMCert module contains a section on Key Advances in the specialty. Review all the synopses and videos, then sign in and complete a module!
Congratulations, 228 Physicians Achieve 30 Years of ABEM Certification!
ABEM recognizes physicians who, as of December 31, 2023, have committed to 30 years of being board certified in Emergency Medicine. Because board certification is a voluntary process, this landmark accomplishment reflects a dedication to the specialty, a commitment to continuous professional development, and the long-standing provision of compassionate, quality care to all patients.
A list of the 228 physicians who reached this milestone in 2023 is available here.
Apply Now: Health Care Administration, Leadership, and Management (HALM)
Applications for the first HALM Exam are now open. This new subspecialty certification is geared toward institutional leaders, including physicians who work in community hospitals. Physicians with experience in health systems leadership are encouraged to apply.  
Learn more, review eligibility, and apply here.

HALM Online Exam | November 11 – 26, 2024
Application Open | January 22 – July 30, 2024

On the Horizon: Disaster Med, Emergency Behavioral Health
The ABEM Executive Committee recently discussed developing additional opportunities for recognition of unique areas of expertise within Emergency Medicine. There is an ever-increasing need for Disaster Medicine and an even greater need for higher standards in this area. An application for a focused practice designation in Emergency Behavioral Health has been submitted to the Committee on Certification within the American Board of Medical Specialties. Finally, there appears to be growing interest in some type of recognition for Urgent Care Medicine. The opportunity impacts 70,000 providers, of which 12,000 are Emergency Medicine physicians. More updates will be shared in the upcoming months.
Subspecialties and Focus Practice Designation Information
ABEM is proud to offer subspecialty and focused practice designation opportunities to physicians. In January of 2023, ABEM replaced the Sports Medicine certification of 265 ABIM Sports Medicine physicians. All ABIM physicians seeking certification in Sports Medicine will apply to ABEM.

Learn more about ABEM's added qualification opportunities.
ABEM Voices
It's never too late to achieve your dreams! ABEM President Ramon Johnson, M.D., M.B.A., spoke with Carl Allamby, M.D., about his journey from mechanic and business owner to Emergency Medicine and ABEM-certified physician. Listen now.
Breaking Barriers
Critical care remains a male dominant sub-specialty, yet these women physicians at the University of Colorado School of Medicine are breaking barriers and impacting the field in innovative ways. Women-Led ICU Team Drives Clinical and Educational Innovation!
Empowering Next Gen Med Students of EM
Twelve rising second-year, underrepresented in medicine (URiM) medical students from across the country kept Dr. Haley's legacy soaring forward. On June 3-14, ABEM hosted the 2024 Haley Academy students. Learn more.
Students participated in site visits to the following Emergency Medicine residency programs:

  • Henry Ford Health Sim Center/Henry Ford Health EM Residency Program, Detroit, Michigan.
  • Central Michigan University College of Medicine, Saginaw, Michigan.
To watch their incredible journey, visit the Haley Academy Instagram page.

ABEM's Haley Academy received the Barbara Ross-Lee, D.O. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Award. Learn more.
Research You Should Know
Variation in Oral Board Examination in JAMA Network
Variation in Oral Board Examination Accommodations Among Specialties - JAMA Network, authors scored exam accommodation policies among medical specialty certification boards. In the study of 16 American Board of Medical Specialties Boards’ (ABMS) accommodations policies and procedures, considerable difference was found among specialties. Of the boards included in the study, ABEM scored the highest possible score for most accommodations provided. This score reflects the intentional efforts and work done to create a valid, reliable, and fair exam process for all Emergency Medicine physicians. To read our summary, visit here.

Dana G. Rowe, BA; et al. Variation in Oral Board Examination Accommodations Among Specialties. JAMA Network Open. May, 2024;7(5):e2410127. doi:10.1001/jamanetworkopen.2024.10127

Difficulty becoming ABEM-certified is associated with severe medical board licensure actions.
Reisdorff EJ, Johnston MM, Bhakta Y, Keim SM, Ankel F, Kraus CK, Barton MA, Ruff KC, Santen S. Association Between Certification Performance and Severe State Medical Licensure Actions. Oral Presentation at SAEM (May 15, 2024). SAEM24 Abstracts (59). Acad Emerg Med. 2024 Apr 27. doi: 10.1111/acem.14906.

More than half of the factors identified were related to interpersonal relationship and professionalism issues.
Tyler L, Bhakta Y, Kraus CK, Kowalenko T, Calderon Y, Keim SM, Gorgas DL, Diercks DB, Nelson LS. Factors for Corrective Actions, Remediation, and Termination of Emergency Physicians. Lightning Oral Presentation at SAEM (May 15, 2024). SAEM24 Abstracts (150). Acad Emerg Med. 2024 Apr 27. doi: 10.1111/acem.14906.

ABEM-certified physicians prescribed two to four times fewer opioids compared to non-ABEM physicians in all U.S. regions.
Bhakta Y, Tyler L, Joldersma KB, Geddes J, Kraus CK. Geographic Variation in Opioid Prescribing by American Board of Emergency Medicine-Certified and Other Physicians Practicing Emergency Medicine. Poster Presentation at SAEM (May 17, 2024). SAEM24 Abstracts (834). Acad Emerg Med. 2024 Apr 27. doi: 10.1111/acem.14906.
Become an ABEM Volunteer
Volunteers lead the specialty and accomplish ABEM's mission. Our volunteers ensure the highest standard in Emergency Medicine. Learn more about how to become an ABEM volunteer today!
ABEM Credential Directory | Sharing Your Digital Credentials
If you hold an ABEM certification, Focused Practice Designation, or have completed the Resuscitation module or OUD/SUD modules, your digital credential is available on the public Credential Holder Directory. Learn more about ABEM’s Digital Credentials.

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