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President's Message  •  From the Front Lines  •  Certification Updates  •  ABEM Updates

Stop the Stigma

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Modules Offline
The MyEMCert platform will be offline January 19 to February 2 to update existing modules, add Key Advances, and launch two new modules.
  • You will not have access to any MyEMCert modules during this time.
  • If you started an attempt of a module and paused to come back later, you must complete it before the downtime (January 19, 2022).
  • Any remaining questions in a module you started that have not been completed before the downtime will be marked as incorrect.

*MyEMCert downtime will occur twice per year—once in the summer and once in the winter to keep content current.

New Modules to Be Released Following the Downtime
- Nontraumatic Musculoskeletal
- Head and Neck
MyEMCert Resources
Use the
ABEM Reqs tool to learn when you should plan to take MyEMCert modules.

    CME for MyEMCert Modules!
    Beginning February 2, you will be able to receive CME credit for successfully completing MyEMCert modules. (The cost of the CME is $30 per module, and you must register for the credits prior to taking the module. (The number of credits is yet to be determined.) Credits cannot be provided retroactively.  ABEM continues to seek ways to add value to your certification, including opportunities like this for low-cost CME.
    Virtual Oral Exam: ABEM Pivots During the Pandemic to Help Physicians Achieve Certification
    The pandemic forced the postponement of all American Board of Emergency Medicine (ABEM) examinations, including the Oral Certification Exam. Because that exam is the final step in the process for becoming ABEM certified, many physicians had to wait longer than usual. This caused delays for over 4,700 early-career physicians, some of whom had to wait an additional year to become certified. The Board of Directors responded by making the certification of early career physicians its top priority.

    By the numbers:

    • 8 exam administrations were held over a 13-month period
    • Approximately 4,760 physicians took the exam.
    • 430 volunteer, clinically active physician examiners participated, many over several administrations
    • Over 11,600 hours, or 290 weeks, or over 5.5 FTEs of time were spent by examiners on training and administrating the exam
    • Over 33,360 cases were administered
    • All ABEM directors and staff took part in the administrations
    • Every physician who was eligible to take the Oral Exam was offered a seat to take the exam

    >> Read more

    ABEM Collecting Demographic Data
    ABEM will begin collecting additional information from physicians this year.

    Who: ABEM-certified physicians and residents applying for certification
    What: Current contact information, age, gender identity, race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation
    Where: On your ABEM Portal
    When: Staring in 2022, you will be prompted to review your information annually, or when registering for an exam
    Why: ABEM and its Board of Directors are committed to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion within the specialty. Detailed demographic data is essential to making an accurate assessment of the specialty's current state, setting future goals, and measuring progress.

    >> Read more
    Now Available! Certification Status: Retired
    Getting ready to retire (or are already retired)? You can now self-report your retirement status. What happens next?
    • When your certificate expires, your status becomes “Former Diplomate: Retired”
    • This status is reported to the ABMS (as opposed to “Former Diplomate”)
    • Address any questions to
    ABEM Selects First Director of Research
    ABEM has selected Chadd K. Kraus, D.O., M.P.H., Dr.PH., as its first Director of Research. In this position, Dr. Kraus will lead the effort to build the research group at ABEM. Research initiatives will include analyses of certification programs, the specialty, and physician education.

    >> Read more

    Webinar Covers Key Information on Advanced Emergency Medicine Ultrasonography
    ABEM hosted a webinar on November 8 to review and discuss the new focused practice designation in Advanced Emergency Medicine Ultrasonography. Did you miss the webinar or need to review? Not to worry, the session was recorded.

    >> Watch the recording
    >> Learn more
    EMS and MedTox Subboards Meet
    The Emergency Medical Services Subboard met virtually November 16-17. >> Read more

    The Medical Toxicology Subboard met virtually December 1-2. >> Read more

    Thank you ABEM Volunteers!
    ABEM extends its sincere thanks to the examiners, exam question writers, and other volunteers who give their time and expertise to ABEM. Without you, we could not achieve our mission "To ensure the highest standards in the specialty of Emergency Medicine."
    >> View the Oral Examiner Awards
    >> 2020-2021 ABEM Voluntters
    >> Learn how you can volunteer
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