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President's Message  •  From the Front Lines  •  Certification Updates  •  ABEM Updates

ABEM continues to advance the specialty of Emergency Medicine. By the end of 2021, all physicians who had been scheduled to take the Oral Exam in 2020 or 2021 were offered an opportunity to take the exam. Last year, over 4,100 physicians became ABEM certified; congratulations to all of you! Be sure to access the ABEM Reqs tool as you have annual requirements to stay certified.

The Oral Exam will be offered virtually in 2022 and 2023, with three administrations each year. The 2023 exams will be slightly different: there will be five single cases and two structured interview cases. Unlike single cases, the structured interview case does not involve role playing; rather, it is a discussion about the approach to working up a patient in the emergency department. The examiner will ask the physician questions designed to assess why certain actions are taken, how a differential and final diagnosis are developed, and how the care of the patient is transitioned. I advise those taking the exam or preparing graduates to learn about the structured interview case format.

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ABEM Director Diane L. Gorgas, M.D., teaching residents at The Ohio State University Department of Emergency Medicine, where she is the Wexner Professor-Clinical and Vice Chair of Academic Affairs. She also is Executive Director of the Office of Global Health.

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Becoming Certified Initiative Summit
The most recent step in ABEM’s Becoming Certified Initiative was a Summit held March 24. Participants across many stakeholder groups discussed ideas including the broad scope of health care; innovations that are impacting the practice of medicine; tools ABEM could implement in assessment and certification work; and what the future of certification could look like. The Task Force, led by Chair Diane L. Gorgas, M.D., met subsequently to discuss and debrief the Summit. These efforts are part of an ongoing process to redesign the Becoming Certified process.

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ABEM has introduced a new way to stay certified, designed with the uniqueness of Emergency Medicine in mind, and informed by the preferences of ABEM-certified physicians. MyEMCert modules are organized by content area, allowing you to select, master, and retain information related to specific clinical topics. You may complete the modules in whatever order you choose. Answers with rationales
will be provided immediately. MyEMCert is open book, so study requirements are minimal. However, you must take the modules by yourself.
MyEMCert Resources
Use the
ABEM Reqs tool to learn when you should plan to take MyEMCert modules.
Key Advances Synopses
Teaching Points
ABEM YouTube Channel

    The last administration of the ConCert Exam
    will take place in fall 2022
    Exam dates: October 4-24, 2022
    Registration dates: July 14 - September 15, 2022
    Virtual Oral Examination
    Exam Dates
    There will be three virtual administrations of the Oral Certification Exam in 2022:

    • May 19-21
    • September 21-24
    • December 7-9

    It is expected that there will be three administrations of the Oral Exam in 2023 (dates TBD).

    Virtual Oral Exam Format
    The structure of the 2023 exams will change to five single cases and two structured interview cases.

    Learn more about the current exam process

    Structured Interview Cases
    This case type is designed to assess a candidate’s thought processes and reasoning. It’s a discussion about how a physician approaches working up a patient in the ED rather than a role-playing case.

    Sample candidate case materials
    Sample examiner materials
    Advanced EM Ultrasonography History!
    The first administration of the Advanced EM Ultrasonography (AEMUS) Focused Practice Designation (FPD) Examination was held March 7-11. Over 370 physicians took the examination. A standard setting panel convened to recommend a passing score to the ABEM Board. Of those taking the exam, 75 percent (280 physicians) passed. Congratulations to those who were the first to receive the AEMUS Focused Practice Designation!
    Welcome Newly Certified Physicians!
    Congratulations to the over 4,000 physicians who became ABEM certified in 2021! Your certification indicates your dedication to the specialty. ABEM certification also provides value in the forms of enhanced professional pride, increased pay, and additional job opportunities.

    >> The Value of Your Certification: Learn More
    What's Next?
    If you became certified in 2021, you have five years to complete continuing certification requirements to stay certified. You can always view requirements using the ABEM Reqs tool or view your individual requirements and progress on your ABEM Portal.

    >> Video: You’re ABEM certified! What comes next?
    Now Available! Certification Status: Retired
    Getting ready to retire (or are already retired)? You can now self-report your retirement status. What happens next?
    • When your certificate expires, your status becomes “Former Diplomate: Retired”
    • This status is reported to the ABMS (as opposed to “Former Diplomate”)
    • Self-report, or send questions to
    Attention ABEM Hospice and Palliative Medicine Physicians!
    You now have access to the American Board of Internal Medicine’s Longitudinal Knowledge Assessment (LKA) platform. The LKA can fulfill ABEM continuing certification requirements.
    Read More
    The Dr. Leon L. Haley, Jr., Bridge to the Future of Emergency Medicine Academy
    This inaugural program is specifically designed to provide Underrepresented in Medicine (URiM), first-year medical students the opportunity to participate in a mentorship program at the ABEM headquarters.

    >> Read more
    >> Learn more about Dr. Haley
    New Members Elected to the Board of Directors
    The ABEM Board welcomes two new members: Susan E. Farrell, M.D., Ed.M., and Ernest E. Wang, M.D.
    >> Learn more about the new board members

    Physicians Recognized for 30 Years of Board Certification
    This landmark accomplishment reflects a dedication to the specialty of Emergency Medicine, a commitment to continuous professional development, and the long-standing provision of compassionate, quality care to all patients. Congratulations to the nearly 700 physicians who achieved this extraordinary milestone!

    >> Read more
    >> View the list of recipients
    Nominate New Oral Examiners
    The critical work we do depends on volunteers like you! Your dedication to ensuring the highest standards in Emergency Medicine is the reason our specialty continues to grow.

    We are looking to add new Oral Examiners to our volunteer pool and need your help. Nominate your colleagues who would make outstanding Oral Examiners and might be interested in advancing our specialty and the future of ABEM. Nominations submitted by May 5, 2022, will be considered during the Board meeting this summer.

    >> Become An ABEM Volunteer
    Opportunities for Early Career Physicians
    Resident Ambassador Panel (RAP) Nominations: Due May 13, 2022
    The RAP provides resident perspective to ABEM activities. It is comprised of three EM residents serving two-year terms. The nomination process includes a letter of recommendation from the resident’s program director. Nomination submission deadline to ABEM is May 13, 2022.

    >> Nomination Process, Nominee Criteria, and Nomination Forms

    Webinar for Graduating Residents: May 17, 2022, 7 pm Eastern
    This webinar is an interactive discussion for graduating residents about ABEM certification.  We will cover board eligibility, and the steps to becoming certified.
    Please share this link with graduating residents! Registration required.

    >> Live Webinar: Certification Explained, a Guide for Graduating Residents

    ABMS Visiting Scholar Program Applications: Due June 12, 2022
    The American Board of Medical Specialties is now accepting applications for its 2022-2023 Visiting Scholars Program. This opportunity is a one-year, part-time program that facilitates the development of early-career physicians and researchers.
    Applications are due June 12, 2022.

    >> Learn more about the program
    >> Eligibility and application

    AEMUS Exam Committee and EUFAC Meet
    The Advanced EM Ultrasonography Exam Committee met March 29-30 in East Lansing, Michigan. >> Read more

    The Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship Accreditation Council met April 6-8 in East Lansing, Michigan. >> Read more
    ABEM Supports ABMS Statement on State Medical Board Authority
    ABEM supports the statement issued by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) in support of the autonomy of state medical boards on licensing actions. “State legislation aimed at limiting these boards’ ability to act is dangerous and undermines the inherent trust in medicine, science and the profession held by the communities we serve.” >> Read more
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