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Expanding Opportunities: Subspecialty Certification in Health Care Administration, Leadership, and Management

ABEM continues to seek ways to enhance the value of your certification, promote its value to health systems, and diversify your career options. One example is providing ever-growing opportunities to obtain subspecialty certification and focused practice designation (FPD). Over 3,600 ABEM-certified physicians currently hold a subspecialty certification or FPD, representing an over 300% increase in physicians with added credentials since 2010!

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Annual Fee
The next time your certificate renews, you will begin a 5-year certification cycle and transition to an annual fee requirement. The annual fee payment:

  • is not an additional fee
  • replaces all previous continuing certification costs
  • provides you access to MyEMCert modules; you will not have to pay for MyEMCert modules when you are on a 5-year certification cycle
  • may be paid annually or in one lump sum
  • avoids any interruption to certification

ABEM implemented the annual fee as one of its requirements in response, in part, to physicians’ concerns about paying episodic, higher fees tied to a high-stakes examination. Just as not paying for your medical license or organizational memberships can lead to an interruption in licensure or membership, delaying payment of the fee annually may cause an interruption in your certification status.

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5-year Continuing Certification and Annual Fee FAQs


Modules Offline
The MyEMCert platform will be offline in mid-January for a short period of time to update existing modules and add Key Advances.

  • You will not have access to any MyEMCert modules during this time.
  • If you started an attempt of a module and paused to come back later, you must complete it before the downtime.
  • Any remaining questions in a module you started that have not been completed before the downtime will be marked as incorrect.
  • For modules for which you have registered but not yet started, make plans to finish them before the end of the calendar year or take them after the downtime ends.
Take a module. Tell us what you think!
MyEMCert modules are a completely new way of completing part of your continuing certification requirements. Register for and take modules in your ABEM portal.

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Key Advances
Have you been taking a module and come across a question that did not pertain to the module’s topic? It was likely about a Key Advance, which are questions based on key advances in the practice of Emergency Medicine and are included in each MyEMCert module. You can learn about Key Advance topics and print out scenarios here.

Check your ABEM Reqs

Do you have an idea for a Key Advance?

Something that you might have read about or experienced? A practice advance or a clinical policy alert? Submit your suggestion and it could become part of MyEMCert!

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MyEMSCert Launches in 2023!
Starting in 2023 there will be several changes to how EMS-certified physicians maintain their certification.
MyEMSCert modules
Switch from 10-year to 5-year certificate
Annual fee (replaces activity fees)

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Watch the Informational Webinar

Digital Badges and Certificates Coming Soon!
ABEM will email you a link to your digital badge and certificate as soon as it is ready to use.  You will be able to use this digital certificate on your own professional digital pages.

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Does Your Certification Expire in 2022?
Check your ABEM Portal to see if you have any requirements to complete before December 31. Once your requirements are complete, your certification will renew for five years AFTER your current certification expires on December 31.
Does Your Certification Expire in 2027?

By December 31, you need to complete the following activities:
  • Attest to 1 Improvement in Medical Practice activity
  • Pass 4 Lifelong Learning and Self-Assessment tests

If any requirement is not complete, your status will be listed as "Not participating in continuing certification." Check your ABEM Portal to see if you have any requirements to complete.

ABEM Remembers J. Dave Barry, M.D.
ABEM and the Emergency Medicine community mourn the loss of J. David Barry, M.D., who died tragically on September 2, 2022, while surfing in Southern California.

Dr. Barry was elected to the ABEM Board of Directors in 2020. He was Chair of the Continuing Certification Committee and appointed as Liaison to the Medical Toxicology Subboard. He also served as a MyEMCert editor. Dr. Barry was first to volunteer for projects and to call ABEM-certified physicians who had questions about the Board.

Dr. Barry graduated from the Uniformed Services University and completed Emergency Medicine training at the Brooke Army Medical Center. He then completed a fellowship in Medical Toxicology at the University of California, San Diego and became board certified in Medical Toxicology.

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Stop the Stigma

Listen to this important message about mental health from ABEM President Samuel M. Keim, M.D., M.S.
Call for Nominations to the ABEM Board of Directors
ABEM is seeking two physician Directors for its Board of Directors to begin their terms in July 2023. The nomination window will close on November 28, 2022.

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Nomination form
ABEM Blueprint: Your Input Requested
ABEM is in the process of updating its exam content. This process is detailed in ABEM policy. You are invited to provide feedback.

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Provide your input
Resident Ambassador Panel Selected
Joan W. Chou, M.D., Charles Sanky, M.D., M.P.H., and Barbara Van De Water, M.B.A., M.S., D.O., were recently selected as the newest members of the Panel.

Learn more about these amazing physicians here.
2022-2024 ABEM NAM Fellow Selected

The National Academy of Medicine recently named Caitlin Rublee, M.D., M.P.H., the 2022-2024 ABEM NAM Fellow. She serves in a variety of capacities at the University of Colorado School of Medicine and Colorado School of Public Health in Aurora, Colorado.

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Medical Toxicology Subboard Meets

The Medical Toxicology Subboard held their virtual business meeting September 28.

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The critical work we do depends on volunteers. Your dedication to ensuring the highest standards in Emergency Medicine is the reason our specialty continues to grow.

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